Terms and Conditions

All bookings are subject to the following Terms and Conditions and payment of a deposit forms acceptance of these.  All clients receive a copy of these conditions and are asked to sign and return them.  If you haven’t received a copy please inform us immediately.

Pro Pro Event Specialists Ltd
Hire of Equipment or Services – Terms and Conditions

Hirer/you/your: The person(s) who has accepted the quote and signed the relevant documentation.
Guests: Person(s) invited by the hirer to attend the site.
Venue: Place of the event.
Site: Area of a venue or section of private land designated for use of hired equipment or services.
We/us/our/PES: Pro Event Specialists Ltd.
Period of hire: The period for which the equipment is required to be ready for use, normally 24 hours unless otherwise stated.
Event: term used to describe your booking whether a hire, package or service supply

Terms and Conditions

1. Payment: A non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your booking. A second non-refundable deposit payment is due 180 days before your event and full payment is required 28 days before. Late payment could result in the termination of your contract, our cancellation charges will apply. If at any time your booking is reduced in value, for whatever reason, any excess deposit paid will be carried forward as a credit and included in your final balance payment.

2. Adjustments: You may need to make alterations to a booking prior to the event; we can’t promise to be able to provide additional hire items if they haven’t previously been booked, however we will try to help where we can. Orders must be finalised a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the event date to allow time for adjustments to be made to your final invoice. Minimum number or cost restrictions may apply if your booking reduces in value or if you have booked a fixed package, please refer to your associated documentation for details or ask for clarification if required.

3. Insurance: It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that the hired items are fully covered by either their own insurance or the venues insurance. Pro Event Specialists LTD (PES) will not be liable with respect to any claims made by any person for personal injury or damage caused by or in conjunction with the hired items, and must be indemnified against such. All hired items must be insured against theft and damage. Some bookings and packages include cover for hired goods whilst PES staff are on-site, please refer to your associated documentation for details or ask for clarification if unsure.

4. Ownership: All equipment hired remains at all times the sole property of PES. You may not sub-hire or part with possession of the equipment and you may not allow any lien or encumbrance to be created over the equipment.

5. Reasons beyond our control: If any item of equipment booked is not available for the period of hire, we reserve the right to substitute other equipment to meet, as near as possible, your requirements. If we do so you will not have any claim against us. In the event that we cannot substitute suitable alternatives we shall notify you of cancellation of the contract in which event any deposit or other monies paid by you will be refunded immediately, but otherwise no claim shall lie against us.

6. Venues: Where PES have recommended a venue or agreed to supply at a venue, PES will not be responsible or liable for any changes the venue may make. It is your responsibility as the hirer to ensure that you are happy with, and fully understand, the venues terms and conditions and that you are fully aware of the venue services offered. Any cancellations or changes with the venue will not constitute a failure to provide by Pro-Event Specialists Ltd and will not constitute a right to refund. Pro-Event Specialists will help with venue issues where we can, this may in some instances include working with you to find an alternative venue. Any increased costs incurred as a result of venue changes will be charged at current market rates.

7. Access: It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the venue is accessible at the agreed access time.

8. Marquees: If your booking includes a marquee Appendix 1 will apply, and acceptance of this agreement will constitute acceptance of that Appendix.

9. Toilet or Shower unit hire, where required, will be determined by guest numbers and third party supplier recommendations. PES cannot guarantee that queuing will not occur at some times. Unless otherwise stated toilet units will not be suitable for infirm or disabled guests. Provisions for additional units and disabled facilities may be made available with prior agreement. Please refer to the suppliers associated terms and conditions for details of care, insurance and operational requirements.

10. Generator hire, where required, If there is no mains electricity available or supply is restricted PES may recommend use of portable generators. Modern portable generators are fairly reliable however, like modern cars, they do sometimes breakdown or develop faults. PES recommends that sites have spare electrical capacity or a spare generator to cover against the unlikely event of a failure. PES will accept no responsibility or liability for power failure whatever the cause, even if we have sourced and supplied the generator. . Please refer to the suppliers associated terms and conditions for details of care, insurance and operational requirements.

11. Electrical Installation. Where PES have installed generators or electrical cables and equipment, staff will have ensured that the installation is safe, and fit for the purpose for which it is intended and agreed, prior to allowing its use. PES staff will only fit cables, sockets, distribution boards and appliances that are supplied as tested units, and are unable to install equipment not issued by PES or one of its approved suppliers. PES will not be responsible for, or liable for, any use of an installed temporary electrical system or appliance. PES do not offer any guarantee against failure of any electrical equipment.

12. Hire only charge quotes for furniture, cater-hire equipment etc. do not include erecting, dismantling or placing unless stated otherwise. Please ask for a quote if you would like PES to supply set-up and takedown services.

13. Damage: Standard laundering of hired items is included in the price quoted. This includes removable light stains from food and drink and light scuff marks from shoes for example. However, if irreversible damage is caused to hired items, for such as; rips, footprints, drawings, cigarette burns, candle wax, mould and excessive stains & scratches etc. then this will result in damaged goods being charged at full replacement value. Charges will be made on a ‘per item’ basis. The hirer will be sent an invoice to make payment within 7 days.

14. Shortage: The hirer is responsible for the safe keeping of all hired items from delivery/collection through to return to Pro-Event Specialists Ltd. All items must be checked for shortages or damages upon delivery and notified to us the same day, any items notified to us as missing after the day of delivery will be classed as lost or damaged by the hirer and charged as per replacement, it is your responsibility to notify us if you are aware of missing or damaged items.

15. Delivery: We will provisionally agree a delivery and collection date at the initial booking stage with the hirer. The final date of delivery shall in every case be dependent upon prompt receipt of all necessary information, final instructions or payment being obtained from you. Changes by the hirer may result in delayed delivery and adjustment of delivery pricing. If you are not present and do not have a representative at the site at the time of delivery you will be deemed to have accepted delivery of the items specified.

16. Collection: We will provisionally agree a return/collection time with the hirer at the initial booking stage from the event location or from a location that has been confirmed in advance. Goods must be ready and available for collection in the sacks/boxes provided at the agreed time, unless agreed in advance that PES will pack the items. Any failed collections will be charged for accordingly. If you are not present and do not have a representative at the site at the time of collection you will be deemed to have accepted our inspection and count of items returned.

17. Delivery and Collection Times: We are only normally able to give approximate delivery and collection times as we can experience delays due to traffic, loading etc. and may from time to time swap delivery/collection slots to suit driving patterns. We will try to keep you informed of changes on the day and will endeavour to give you as accurate a time as possible. If you are not going to be available for drop-off or pick-up we will need contact details of a responsible person who will meet our driver, or detailed instructions that our driver can follow if no one will be present.

18. Equipment condition and colour: Our equipment and hired items are maintained and kept in good condition and in line with industry accepted standards. Equipment is frequently updated and replaced with new stock in order to maintain our high standards, remain competitive and meet the expectations of our clients. It must be noted though, that hired items, marquees and rental equipment deteriorates with use and as such are not necessarily in new condition. We can provide new equipment if requested, however this obviously comes at a premium. Deterioration in hired goods may include for instance; slight colour fading, small marks and scratches, minor repairs and discolouration. Pro Event Specialists will not take any responsibility if colours do not match the theme of your event, we offer samples of all items and urge you to check at the time of order that the colour is correct.

19. Creases and Ironing: We work in the same way that all good hire and marquee companies work, in that we make every effort to minimise creases in our fabrics. However, all material is transported from our storage facilities to site and will inevitably crease. Damp conditions experienced in some older buildings and temperature swings in marquees and barns can also have an effect on the finish of soft furnishings, drapes, linings, table cloths etc.
a. Linings: we try to fit drapes and linings well ahead of the hire date in order to allow transport creases to drop out. Flat linings normally straighten quickly, pleated linings and drapes take longer although due to their nature, creases aren’t generally seen as a problem. Not all of the Pro Pro Event Specialists Ltd transport creases will drop out naturally, we’ve not had any complaints about creases in linings and our clients have been very happy with the products we offer, but if you feel that potential creases may be a problem to you we can arrange for the wall linings to be steamed. This will incur extra costs and we will need clear access and power to run a steamer. Please discuss steaming with us prior to final invoicing to allow us time to arrange for the service.
b. Table cloths: If tablecloths are hire only, they will arrive clean, pressed and folded. If booked as part of an inclusive package table cloths will be fitted by PES staff. It is not always possible to re-iron cloths on site and time restrictions may mean that cloths are fitted as transported, however we endeavour to remove creases where we can.

20. Behaviour: Our staff have a legal and moral right to work in an environment free from abuse, violence and threatening behaviour. We will not tolerate such conduct. If guests are deemed to be threatening, abusive or violent towards any member of staff we will close the bar and leave. Similarly, if our staff witness, or believe that there is a likelihood of, violence during the event, we reserve the right to close the bar and leave.

21. Cancellation: In the event of a cancellation the following charges will apply.
Period of Notice % of total charge
a. From contract issue & signature Deposit amount
b. Less than 180 days to event 40%
c. Less than 60 days to event 60%
d. Less than 30 days to event 100%
We shall not be liable for delay/cancellation or failure to complete any contracts as a result of:
a. the site being unsuitable or access being unavailable on the date stated for delivery
b. loss or damage to equipment by fire or flood
c. any industrial dispute, lock-out or strike
d. any cause outwith our control

22. Complaints: We try very hard to avoid complaints in the first place but if you think you have reason to complain, we will endeavour to resolve the matter quickly for you. Minor complaints and issues may be not be significant, but something you feel we could improve on or change our procedures to ensure the problem is not repeated, please let a member of our staff know straight away if you experience such issues. large and more important issues will be treated accordingly, however we expect that such issues are also reported at the time they occur to enable us the opportunity to rectify the situation or offer satisfactory alternatives. If you report a problem to our staff before or during your event, we will make every effort to rectify the problem or offer alternatives. If you or your representative accept the rectification or alternative, the issue will be deemed as closed and the complaint satisfied. If you or your representative do not accept the rectification or alternative offered it must be clearly stated so at the time, if not stated we will deem
the complaint mutually satisfied. You may be asked to put complaints in writing to us to trigger our complaints procedure. A copy of this procedure is available on request.

23. Privacy: At the time of booking we will ask for details of a primary contact(s), this is normally you, as the hirer(s). Our staff and approved contractors will only discuss your booking with the contact given and we will not disclose any information relating to your booking to any other person(s) without prior approval or legal obligation. If you would like us to discuss any aspect of your booking with a third party you will need to instruct us in writing to do so. Your correspondence must include their full name and address and concise details of the information that we may discuss. You must also sign and date the request. We may ask you to confirm your instruction.

24. Data Protection: Pro-Event Specialists Ltd complies with the Data Protection Act relating to the personal information you supply to us.
a. We will process all personal data fairly and lawfully
b. We will only process personal data for specified and lawful purposes
c. We will endeavour to hold relevant and accurate personal data, and where practical, we will keep it up to date
d. We will not keep personal data for longer than is necessary
e. We will keep all personal data secure
Please refer to our GDPR policy for full details.

25. Correspondence & Agreement: Any agreements made with PES staff or our approved contractors will only be deemed as contractual if made in writing by PES. Verbal agreements, suggestions or advice will not suggest or form any contract between PES and the hirer. If it’s not in writing it has not been agreed;
please ensure that your invoice(s) and booking documentation contains all elements that you require and that you believe to be included. We will happily clarify any points or questions you may have to avoid confusion.
Written conformation will be in the form of:
a. Online documentation, forms and contracts, as issued through PES online signing service.
b. PES Portal statements and Portal messaging (if applicable).
c. Email
d. Posted official documents.
e. Hand delivered documentation written on PES company letterhead.

26. Limit of Liability: In the event that we fail to fulfil any terms of the contract our liability is limited to refund or cancellation of that particular service or hire charge. Under no circumstances shall we be liable to you for any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage (whether for loss or profit or otherwise) cost of expenses or other claim for compensation whatsoever whether caused by the negligence of ourselves, our employees or agents or otherwise which arise out of or in connection with the service or hire of the equipment and our entire liability under and in connection with the contract shall not exceed the amount of the particular hire or service charge. This condition shall not apply to death or personal injury caused by our negligence.

27. Terms: The terms of these conditions can only be altered with our written agreement. No condition contained in any booking form or other communication by you which is inconsistent with any of these conditions will be deemed to have been accepted unless we have agreed to your condition in writing.

28. Acceptance of Quotation: No binding contract will exist until you have accepted our quotation, paid your deposit and we have issued you with a written acknowledgement of your acceptance. Quotations remain valid for 14 days from the date stated on them provided that the equipment is still available.

29. Applicable Law. This Service and Hire Contract and conditions shall be construed according to English Law.

Appendix 1.

Marquees: If your booking includes a marquee this Appendix will apply, if you are using a PES recommended venue section 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3 will be confirmed by the venue:

1. Site: It is the hirers responsibility to ensure that the size, access to, and surface of, the site are suitable for erection of equipment at the time stated for delivery. PES will conduct a site survey if required, the necessity for which will be discussed and carried out prior to the hire period. If you are unsure of site suitability we recommend a site visit prior to booking.

2. Obstacles: It is the hirers responsibility to inform PES of any drains, pipes, cables or other obstacles which might affect the site. It should be noted that the pegs holding marquees may be driven up to one metre into the ground. You should note that you are responsible for repairing and making good any damage caused to the site by erection or dismantling of any equipment. The site must be cleared of all obstacles prior to delivery of the marquee. PES cannot be responsible for moving obstacles on the site or If we have to move any obstacles we will not be held liable for any damage as a result of this.

3. Delivery to Site: You should either be available personally or have a representative available at the site at the time stated for delivery. If you are not present and do not have a representative at the site at the time of delivery:
a. you will be deemed to have accepted delivery of the items specified.
b. we will erect the marquee(s) in such a manner and location as we consider appropriate provided that we shall follow in so far as possible any plan supplied by you.
c. If you require us to move any marquee already erected or partially erected for any reason, you will be liable for an additional charge. Charges for such will be quoted and discussed in advance of work undertaken and will, on acceptance, be invoiced accordingly.

4. Temporary Structures: The erection and dismantling of marquees and associated event equipment, is classed in general terms as being part of the regulations covering the erection of temporary structures and electrical installations. As such our staff our trained in safe working practices and are self-regulated. A safe working area will be established at each site and will be designated clearly in accordance with the site safety risk assessment. Entry into the restricted area by other than PES staff or approved contractors is by permission of the PES lead site supervisor only. There is to be no entry to a designated site without prior permission or when PES staff are not present. Copies of site Risk Assessments, Method Statements and Professional Insurance are available by written request.

5. Erection: We will need to erect marquees well in advance of the period of hire to allow for delays and weather restrictions, however we do not guarantee that marquees will be ready for use before the hire period starts. In most cases there will be an opportunity for the hirer to enter the marquee prior to the hire period, however this cannot be guaranteed and will be on the proviso that the hirer and their guests enter at their own risk, adhere to the health and safety instructions of PES staff on–site and accept that our staff and contractors may still be working on the construction. PES staff and our contractors will need to carry out their duties without interruption or obstruction and may ask the hirer and guests to leave if they are experiencing significant delays or where safety may be compromised.

6. Attendance: Hire charges do not include attendance by our employees for any purpose other than erecting and dismantling marquees, unless previously agreed. You will be liable for any additional costs or charges of PES in the event that extra work or equipment outwith the terms of a quotation is required. Additional cost or charges will be notified in advance and agreed prior to PES issuing an invoice accordingly. An example of additional charges might be for manpower to fit extra decoration or lighting.

7. Delay: We shall not be liable for delay or failure to complete any contracts as a result of:
a. the site being unsuitable or access being unavailable on the date stated for delivery
b. adverse wind or weather conditions
c. loss or damage to equipment by fire or flood
d. any industrial dispute, lock-out or strike
e. any cause outwith our control
f. grass sites which have not been cut

8. Care of Equipment: You must ensure that no damage is sustained to the marquee(s) or associated equipment.
a. You must ensure that all equipment is adequately heated when necessary so as to protect the equipment from frost, snow or ice damage, and you must ensure that the collection or building up of snow on any equipment is not allowed.
b. Given the risk of damage to a marquee in windy conditions you must take all reasonable precautions to ensure that all openings are firmly closed when not in use and are open only for the purposes of entering and leaving the marquee.
c. All heating and cooking equipment must be placed a minimum of three feet from the marquee panels and must not be left unattended whilst in use. There must be no heating or cooking within the marquee other than by electrical appliances or purpose designed butane or propane gas appliances. Barbecue equipment or open fires used outside must be placed a minimum of fifteen
feet from the marquee.
d. All heating and cooking equipment must be placed a minimum of three feet from the marquee panels and must not be left unattended whilst in use. There must be no heating or cooking within the marquee other than by electrical appliances or purpose designed butane or propane gas appliances. Barbeque equipment or open fires used outside must be placed a minimum of fifteen
feet from the marquee.
e. You must not fasten or allow to be fastened any equipment or decoration to the marquee structure, linings or covers, that has not previously been agreed with PES. Any damage resulting from such fixings will be charged at full item replacement cost.

9. Smoking in Enclosed Public Places: Responsibility for complying with the Public No Smoking Law (if applicable) rests with the customer for the duration the marquee is erected. ‘No smoking’ signs which comply with the act are available on request.